Wednesday, September 5, 2007

They are on their way!

The first shipment of the Tvyarn Sock Club is on its way to you via Priority USPS! Yes I missed my shipment date of Sept 1 and I'm sorry about that. I decided to put something extra in the shipment so I think you'll be happy once you receive it! And, boy, did I learn an thing or two about planning a ship date! Plan much more time than you think you will need. Last week one of the items I was waiting for did not arrive, so I phoned the company and they said "oh that is back-ordered indefinitely". Yikes! So I thought, ah-hah, I'll just make something extra to put in the shipment instead, how fun would that be! Well, let me tell you I found out the meaning of LABOR DAY! :-)

I'm very excited for all of you to get the goods, since I do think you will like it.

Once I catch my breath I'll post the first contest. thanks!! Jana


Cheryl said...

Oh boy Jana, I am sooo concern is this will knock everything else into the OTN piles whilst I play with TVYARN...but I desrve it...heehee

Jackie said...

I'm really excited too!
Thanks for your 'labor' of love on this one.