Saturday, September 8, 2007


I got my kit today. The mailman just left it on the porch, as if it was simply a typical package. He should have a drum roll recording or something, to signify what was on the porch. YES! I love it. The bag is so great, the stitch marker, and the yarn (too perfect, I love the colors). I am very happy with my kit (uh, the sunglasses were missing one of their side pieces, but that's okay cuz I wear glasses so I couldn't wear them anyway). Also, if anyone is interested has a Christmas Story tvyarn sock kit to be sent in November. I have ordered tvyarn from woolgirl and she is fast to ship and so nice. So what a great match with tvyarn and woolgirl. I don't know if there are any spots left (I got on the list today). After seeing my chick flick sock club kit, I think Christmas Story would be great. It was my movie choice for favorite Christmas movie, in Jana's contest. Oh, this is off topic, but has anyone tried the new Knit Picks Harmony wooden needles for use with the options? I ordered a couple for sock knitting tonight and was wondering how well they work - I have a problem with bamboo needles breaking when I knit socks. Yeah, I knit t-i-g-h-t, sometimes I think I can even hear the poor yarn squeaking. I think I will have to go cast on some Monkey's with my new yarn, what is anyone else knitting with the new yarn?

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Cheryl said...

I already ordered the entire dpn set and several of the Options tips..they look great