Friday, February 29, 2008

Hi, June! It's Mary from Atlanta.

So nice to meet you. I'm really looking forward to this club - it's my first time - because I just started knitting socks last year. I've finished one pair plus the first sock of my second pair. Can't wait to see what fun colors and patterns we'll get to celebrate romantic comedies!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Knittee from SJ & Newman, CA *-)

Hey Everyone! I'm so excited, and can't wait for the first shipment! This is my 1st year in the TVYarn Sock Club. A friend of mine sent me the link, and thus I was hooked! I am "New Knittee" as I like to say.. been knitting since December 2007 and I'm IN LOVE with the craft. I absolutely marvel at everyone's knitting skills and the beautiful and creative knits from socks ~ scarfs ~ hats.. on and on.. Just thought I'd say HI!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hi June, Jana and TVYarn Sock members!

Its really nice to meet the new comers and you June of course! I'm Marisol from SF California and this is my second year in the club:) I don't remember exactly how I found TV Sock yarn... It must have been through a blog of some sort... But I remember purchasing some Grey's Anatomy and a few other show colors from ETSY; and well the rest is history. I am also an avid Wool Girl shopper and must have every color or kit that WoolGirl has offered in this yarn. I absolutely adore your Creativity Jana!

I'm Looking forward to that first shipment:)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Howdy June!

I'm Lisa from Texas also known as Knitting Reader on Ravelry. I've been knitting for almost 9 years, and lately, I've become completely addicted to sock yarn. I discovered Tvyarn through Woolgirl; she did a fantastic Valentine's Day Kit, so I had to join this club.

In real life, I'm a new lawyer, so I don't have lots of free time. I love reading a tiny bit more than knitting, so I try to find ways to read and knit at the same time! And I love yarn clubs--it's like celebrating your birthday every month!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hello June!

greetings from California. . .this is my first time in the club. . .I am a sucker for yarn & romantic comedies. I can't wait to get started. I learned to crochet as a kid (taught by my grandmother) and then taught myself to knit about 8 yrs ago? Mainly bc I wanted to make socks! but now I prefer it for most everything. I have a daughter, 2 the end of March, who really likes the needles and yarn too - so that has slown me down a bit lately. 'but' I do work graveyards and am free to do what I want w/ down time - yay!
I am trying to get my blog going but don't really know how to jump in there. . very easy being a lurker - but I will work on keeping up w/ the projects at least.

Hi From California

OMG -- your parents are adorable!

Late on posting, as I was at Stiches West! I am Jill form Santa Rosa --In Northern California and I am a sockaholic. I love yarn clubs -- the whole element-of-surprise thing. I love it all and it's easier to have someone suprise me (and cheeper).

I have been knitting for almost 3 year and sock for 1 and really enjoy it. Working on my first lace project and it been fun as well.

Jill L

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi June!

My name is Amy. I have been knitting for about a year, and am currently working on a pair of Monkey Socks in the Oceans 11 colorway of tvyarn. LOVE the yarn. Picked it up at SAFF a few months ago. Can't wait to see the yarn. This is my first yarn club. Can't wait to see what everybody makes with this yummy yarn.


Greetings all :)

Hi June, Sid, and everyone
I'm Sorcha and I am still a fairly new knitter. I taught myself to knit a year ago, my first project being the obligatory scarf. For my second project I tried socks and I haven't looked back. I LOVE Tvyarn and cant wait to see the new series. I am mostly a lurker and almost never post pics of my stuff, but believe me when I say that I REALLY enjoy reading everyone's posts and getting ideas from seeing other's projects.
Sitting by my mailbox waiting LOL

Greetings from Indiana

Hello to June( and Sid too). I am Jan from New Haven and am really looking forward to this club. I must confess that I have knitted socks with Jana's yarn from another club . The yarn is so very soft and the colors are super. I am a school nurse that maintains her sanity with knitting. Especially socks. My very favorite portable project. I do favor kntting them on the loop and have been able to adjust most patterns to work with the loop. Hope to chat more with you later. Jan
Hi June!
I suppose we are both newbies to the sock club. I currently have 'Ruldolph' on the needles. It makes a wonderful valentine's day sock. Yes, I know I'm a little late finishing, but such is the way of handknits. I can't wait to see what Jana has created for the club and what everyone does with their yarn.
By the way, I'm loving the Christmas sweater you are wearing in the picture your daughter posted. Christmas sweaters are a tradition in my family! :)


Hi June and everyone!

My name is Angela. This is my first time with Jana's sock club. I am a huge fan of Jana's yarns and am just so excited to be a part of the club. I am a SAHM of 3 adorable little boys (almost 4, 2.5 and 15 mos). I am also a self taught knitter and have been knitting since Oct. 06. Knitting is the serenity at the end of my busy days. I also just started spinning. I am really looking forward to the first club shipment!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hi, June!

All right, I'll go ahead and do the first intro....why not?

My name is Jill and this is my second round of Jana's sock yarn club. I so enjoyed the last one, and look forward to the package like you wouldn't believe! Feel free to check out my blog if you'd like to get to know me better. The basics are that I'm a self-taught knitter of almost two years. I'm married and stay home with my three kiddos. And I'm really excited for the first shipment!! Woohoo!

contest #1

Hi everyone! let's get to know each other during our first contest. The prize is 2 skeins of Interlacements yarn from my stash, photo above.

I decided to add my Mom for this round of our tvyarn club and it's a surprise for her! So the contest is simple, just post to this blog and introduce yourself, say hi to everyone, and say hi to my mom June!! She doesn't use the computer but my Dad (Sid) does and he can show her this blog after the contest is finished. See their photo above, aren't they cute?!

So just post and I'll draw a random name after 5pm on Friday Feb 29.

And if you haven't voted for your fav Romantic Comedy yet, see the poll below and cast your vote. I'm lovin' seeing the votes come in! Jana

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Romantic Comedies" series of tvyarn sock club

Hi everyone!! I'll be updating this website with the members of the second series of the tvyarn sock club next week. Then we'll begin the countdown to our first shipment date. thanks! Jana