Thursday, October 18, 2007

A winner!

Hi everyone!
I had a wonderful, exciting, and exhausting trip to New Mexico last week; my flights home were supposed to take 5 hours total but ended up taking 14 hours! whew! I was very glad to get home.

But then I had to count all those yarn skeins! So the total number of skeins of yarn in my dye studio is.... 698 skeins! Laura's guess at 723 was the closest, so Laura I'll be sending you the prize - congratulations!

Today my parents are flying here from Michigan to stay with us for 10 days. They came for Grandparent's Day at my son's school and they also came to help me at my booth at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival in Asheville, NC. We'll be staying at a cabin near the Blue Ridge Parkway; I can't wait to see the Fall colors.

When I get back from Asheville I do some fun things on this blog, Jana

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LaLa said...

Yeah! Free stuff! :)